About Paloma

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France     Spain

 I was born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1994,

although I’m Italian.

Daughter of actors-puppeteers Adriana Bragagnolo and Andrés Leyton, I decided to study Fine Arts after moving to Grenade (Spain) with my father, passing by the Visual Arts and Design option in my lasts years of High School, where I graduated in 2011 with honours.

I was granted the Erasmus Scholarship to study my third year of Fine Arts at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Nîmes, France, where I decided to stay for another year. This double career carried me to a double diploma: I obtained my National Diploma of Fine Arts (french DNAP) in June 2015, and I expect to graduate in Granada in September.

I have worked since 2009 as a freelance illustrator and drawing artist and as a part of the production team at the International Music and Dance Festival of Grenade.

I’m also developing in parallel a slightly eclectic carreer as an aerial acrobat, mainly in aerial silk and fixed trapeze, participating in shows and events, featuring in short films in Spain and France, and also as a teacher. It is truly my second passion.

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Currently, my operational base is situated in Nîmes, but I’ll be living during the whole academic year 2015/16 in Venice, Italy, where I’ll begin a Master research on the relationship between plastic arts and contemporary circus creation.

I believe the world is made to be discovered, and that interesting things to do and to learn tend to multiply every day in a fascinating, kaleidoscopic way.


Un comentario en “About Paloma

  1. Te felicito querida Palo… Tu gran sensibilidad artística heredada de tus padres se nota….
    Je vous envoie un gros câlin du Chili.
    Oncle Elías


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